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The Premier Athletics NKY team gives students of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to enjoy exciting competitions and gymnastics training and have fun in our clearly defined weekly camps. We use the expertise of our team members, coaches and trainers from all parts of Park Hills to help our students around the park and use their talents and skills to have a blast and look forward to coming back. At Premier Athletics N KY we are pleased to offer students the opportunity to participate in the camps we offer and enjoy professional lessons.

If you're looking for the best way to get your child in action - join us at Premier Athletics NKY today. No matter what the event is, we are there to make people dance and have fun. To find out more about our events and our offer, please fill out the form below.

You can find our views on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and other social media channels. You can also find us on Twitter at @ ERLANGERKENTUCKY and on Instagram @ elrangerkentucky.

Come and see over 1 million lights synchronized to traditional and new rock Christmas music played on your car radio. You will also enjoy a lively - large, rainbow-lit - garden with colored lights.

OH - Sutle Productions will perform at the Kentucky State Fairgrounds for the annual Christmas Parade on Saturday, December 10th from 4: 30 to 7: 00 pm.

Light Up Middletown's mission is to raise funds to improve the city's parks and recreational facilities and to showcase a world-class holiday event that will draw guests from across the state of Kentucky and across the country. With the help of the community and the support of local businesses, organizations and individuals, we hope to work with you to make it a hub for holiday activities.

Get the monthly weather for Erlanger, KY, including daily highs, lows and historical averages to help you plan ahead. For more tips on the go, see our article on tips for visiting the Festival of Lights.

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Look for hidden animals in the light scene and count how many you see before you enter the draw at the end.

Don't miss the opportunity to drive through the tunnels, see the lights and animations of Cincy Illuminations, and even wave to Santa Claus. Don't forget to pause and finish your visit by fulfilling someone's holiday wish. Bring the family to the annual Christmas in the Park event at the Kentucky Museum of Natural History. This festival - themed exhibition shows a variety of Christmas decorations, such as Christmas trees, Christmas lights, ornaments and much more.

Many of the displays can be seen from your vehicle as you enter and leave the village center while exploring the outer foothills of Christmas Ranch by train. If you prefer to drive over the Christmas lights, Cincy X - mas lights is the perfect solution. Footloose is offering low-cost party and reception packages at the Kentucky Museum of Natural History's annual Christmas party in the park.

The event will begin at 6: 30 p.m. on Saturday, December 1, 2016, at the Kentucky Museum of Natural History's annual Christmas party in the park. The annual Kentucky Park Christmas party will begin at the Kentucky Museum of Natural History on December 2, 2015 at 7 p.m.

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Twenty-one patients were treated in North Chattanooga, and Brainerd had significant power outages. Kentucky is facing the largest blackout the state has ever experienced, according to the US Department of Energy (DOE). The WI Relay Service does not include uninsured losses, "according to a statement from the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (WPSC).

Power outages were reported in eastern Kentucky on Christmas Eve, but power has reportedly resumed in scattered parts of the affected area. A truck driver has been charged with causing a power outage after leaving Scene Spectrum Select in Erlanger, KY. Police do not know how much alcohol she was drinking, but someone saw a woman in the street on Saturday.

clock the Erlangen police station in the Osthauptstraße was open, but without electricity, the police report states.

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