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If you visit a Ford dealer in Erlanger, KY, you know that they have a wide selection of Ford vehicles to choose from. Once you've picked the Ford you love, it's time to visit the team in the financial center and shop for your next purchase.

I have parked my car there for over a year and have always received friendly and good service from the staff who are very knowledgeable. One problem I had was that it looked like the manager who was running the service would stop working on the vehicle every time a customer entered the door. I considered taking a floor mat to cover the steering wheel, but I stayed to get all the other services I needed to do, and they were done quickly.

So I couldn't just concentrate on the task ahead of me, so I went into the lobby to answer some questions and within half an hour my mechanic Gary diagnosed the problem. There was a lot of confusion about what to do now and what to do now because people couldn't afford everything for the day, but it was good to bring it to Midas.

I don't drink coffee, but when I'm hungry I go to Colonial Cottage, so I bring food and drinks to pass the time while I wait for the end of the mission. If guests want to wait, it would be helpful to have a vending machine in the lobby or at the front of the store for a quick snack or drink.

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Check out how we can help you with every step of your journey to buy a car. Our helpful sales representatives will work with you to deliver the vehicle that best suits you and your family. In addition, our innovative search tool allows you to narrow down the results based on the model, machine and desired trim level.

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We also have useful services that make it easy for you to drive your new Ford home and relax on the couch. Instead of waiting for the end of football practice, you can look forward to your next Ford while you get comfortable on the couch!

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They were knowledgeable, friendly and took the time to answer all our questions so that we could make an informed decision about the repair. They have not even completed everything we asked them to check, but they have said something about calling us to report further results. Our trained technicians are certified to perform oil changes and any other type of maintenance you may need. Contact us when your car is ready to be picked up and we will answer your questions and answers in the shortest time possible so you can stay up to date with the latest news and updates on the condition of your vehicle.

The service we received from Midas was excellent and we were extremely pleased with every aspect of our visit. The attention paid to our vehicle, the extent of the maintenance completed and the punctuality with which the repair work was carried out, given the number of other customers and the availability of staff, were proof of the quality of the service we received from them. We solved the problems of our car in less than two hours and at a total cost of almost $1,000.

This picturesque town is a great place to start a family, and there is no shortage of activities. We got behind the wheel of our new Ford, but there is so much more to discover that there are so many great places to explore.

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More About Erlanger