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A long and unprecedented season is coming to an end, and with it Kentucky High School basketball will tip Tuesday night against Vanderbilt into the originally scheduled start of the 2015-16 season. Keith Taylor / Kentucky Today was Vanderbilt's fight for Kentucky and Tuesday night's

NKYTribune staff member Newport Central Catholic was building up and blowing the game away against the Wildcats on Tuesday night. Kaedon Butts scored 23 points to lead NewCath, which jumped to a 10-0 lead and held a 17-8 lead until the end of the first quarter. Mitchell Rylee scored 18 points and grabbed seven rebounds to lead CovCath (9-2), which shot 58.7 percent from the field.

Scherr led Ryle to the 2019 national championship, was named MVP in the Sweet 16 and earned Kentucky Miss Basketball honors in 2020. She did all this as a junior and senior at the University of Kentucky, a four-star recruit from Louisville.

When I sat in the gym at Covington Catholic High School and was introduced to the announced cast, I was thrilled. McMillen has made the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University basketball, including broadcasting the first game of the 2015-16 regular season and the 2016-17 NCAA tournament. The latest rookie exploits were produced by NKU senior guard Derrick Williams, whose three-point shot with 2.4 seconds left snapped a 68-68 tie and lifted NK U to a 73-72 victory over Cincinnati on Tuesday night in a non-conference game.

Dale tells his audience that someone made a free throw, because that's how free throws are recorded on the scoresheet. I told him - I didn't have to say the number because I could see the player.

The Code calls into question the reasons given in the principal's letter, according to which he demoralised the students on the basketball team by allegedly preventing students-athletes from competing in other sports, as he had previously done with the football team and the men's and women's basketball teams at his school.

It is undisputed that the Code has always received the required evaluations of its class performance from certified teachers, but not evaluations that respect its performance as a basketball coach. The definition of evaluation mentioned in KRS 156-101 does not require a certified teacher to evaluate a coach when evaluating a teacher, nor does it require, as Justice Knox noted in the dissenting opinion, that an evaluation is required when evaluating teachers "qualifications. We do not think it makes sense to require a definition of evaluation outside the process of evaluating teachers required by K RS 156-101, and we think it makes sense to evaluate coaches.

The law does not set a standard for the evaluation of coaches and does not provide a direction for the development of an evaluation for teachers. The failure to evaluate teachers as coaches did not violate KRS 156-101 or any other part of the Kentucky Education Code. If the General Assembly wants to establish an appropriate standard of evaluation for coaches, it can do so in the future.

The educational and educational requirements of a school district are not the same as those of a sports program. Nothing in this decision should be taken as an admission that I have a greater responsibility to the students who are confronted with their various sports programs than any other teacher.

However, the mandate of the law as it stands instructs me to distinguish between the sporting achievements of my students. The clear language in the PNA shows that it is my responsibility to improve the school performance of students by distinguishing them from the sports programs for them. However, no mention is made of evaluating a school's sports coaches, and no mandate in the law, as it is currently written, aims to distinguish students from athletics programs based on their sporting achievements.

The code argues that the issue here is whether state law or board policy requires a district to evaluate a head coach's performance before removing him from that position.

The main question is whether an employed teacher who coaches boys basketball is entitled to a written evaluation in accordance with the Code if he violates KRS 156-101 in his capacity as coach. There is also a question about whether the code allows for a formal evaluation of the coach in accordance with the Kentucky Board of Education's policy regarding head coaches. The requirement of the Code that the head coach of an interschool team must be a certified teacher, relative to the status of his or her relative as a teacher, is not required by state law or board policy that certified teachers, who are also trainers, must evaluate the performance of their coaches under or pursuant to K RS 156 -- 101, as is required in litigation.

The formal written evaluation of the Code in accordance with KRS 156 - 101 for coaching and service tasks does not invalidate the decision of the Board of Directors to remove him from his coaching post. The evaluation prior to deciding whether or not he will be reappointed as basketball coach did not violate the professional agreement contained in the agreement between the school board and the teacher's district. As the judge noted, the PNA provision is not subject to the requirements of K RS 156 -- 101 or any state legislation or policy.

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